Data Privacy Day may not be a holiday for your IT Support Professional, however, it is an international holiday dedicated to education about Data Privacy. On this day many private, government and academic Data Privacy and IT Security Professionals get together and discuss key issues about Data Privacy.

What is Privacy Data and What Does This Mean to Your Business?

Privacy Data can include a combination of Name, Address, Birthday and Taxpayer information. It can also include other information you may have related to employee health records, personnel records, customer data, supplier data and more. Keeping this data protected and secure from data leaks and hackers is important. You may face fines, suffer damages, loss of reputation and even loss of revenue if Privacy Data is leaked from your company.

What Can You Do on Data Privacy Day to Protect Your Business?

It is important to educate your employees about Privacy Data and the Risk of Loss. In today’s world where social networking is acceptable in many workplaces, employees may not realize the risks of sharing Privacy Information. The more your employees are aware of Privacy Data and the Risk of Loss the better.

How Can I Protect Privacy Data on My Company Network on Data Privacy Day?

It is important to keep you systems in compliance with O/S Patches, as well as, up to date with the latest Anti-virus and Anti-malware definitions. It is also a good idea to monitor your network for unauthorized access. You should also maintain a current backup of all of your privacy data. If you have a data leak you may be required to notify proper authorities and those impacted. By knowing what data was compromised, based on your latest backup, you may be able to limit your exposure and reduce the liability of a data leak.

Let’s celebrate Data Privacy Day by following IT best practices for Data Privacy. If you have any questions or doubts about your IT Security consider asking your IT Security or IT Support consultant for an IT risk assessment.

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